We believe that beautiful unique pieces, constructed out of the finest natural fabrics, can be worn throughout the seasonsand are a genuine investment, with the result that we design and produce only one collection a year. 

Every piece in our collections is considered with longevity and the ability to transcend seasons in mind.  In addition, we only produce 20-50 units per style, minimising waste and excess stock.  We are not advocates of sale or discounting as we believe our styles are "forever pieces".

Our signature natural fabrics are from highly respected family-owned mills that that share our vision of creating in a responsible way.  Our pieces are crafted out of the highest quality silks, cotton and linen, all of which are durable and degradable.

We are proud to have the majority of our production in the UK, being extremely mindful with all supplier and customer shipping to minimise our carbon footprint and using only recyclable or recycled packaging.