The Block


The Block pareo was inspired by the mecca of breeze blocks, Palm Springs, - or as the midcentury architect William Krisel christened them, ‰functional ornamentation‰. The humble concrete ornamental block had many functions in the 1960s. Their official purpose was to filter sun and wind but everyone knew that their real purpose was to offer privacy for all of the naughty goings-on with the golden era Hollywood set who escaped to Palm Springs from the glare of the all-powerful studios. Set on a pure white background, the hot pink, orange, peacock green and mustang breeze blocks pop! Pair with a peacock green one-piece for a glorious 1960s vibe.

This pretty block beauty is surely something to screen about!

  • 100% Cotton Poplin
  • One Size Fits All
  • 140cm x 140cm
  • 30c Machine Wash or Handwash
  • Do Not Bleach

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